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Money, Money, Money!

It’s no secret that traveling is very expensive. This is one of the main deterrents for many Americans. With the rising costs of international airfare and hotel stays, traveling internationally is something a lot of Americans feel they can only do once or twice in a lifetime. After all, there is so much to see inside the United States. However, my goal is to encourage Americans to break outside the continental U.S. There are many places around the world to visit where the most expensive thing is the plane ticket. It’s time to talk about money!

Most foreign countries do not accept American currency. This is something one must look at closely before going on an adventure. Most of the time, the price you see online is much more than if you actually were to pay with the local currency. As part of your vacation planning, be sure to research the currency exchange rates in the country of your choosing.

Bang for Your Buck!

If you are wanting to experience more without breaking your bank, consider traveling to a place that is not mainstream. Paris is incredibly expensive. Hotspot beaches can cost so much that you can only stay a few days. You can find amazing, historical sites and gorgeous beaches in other places for much less.

Egyptians in Khan il Khalili. Photo by Fish.


When I was in Egypt, 1 USD (US Dollar) was about 12 EGP (Egypt Pounds). This was mind blowing for me. I barely spent $400 per month. My four month stay in Egypt was the equivalent to one month’s rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. I thought I went crazy when I was shopping in Khan il Khalili, the largest bazaar in the world, but I spent less than $100. Check out my shopping spree breakdown below.

Khan il Khalili

4-ft tall King Tut Hookah: 300EGP

Pharaonic style dress: 100EGP

20 Egypt Gods Pens: 10EGP each

2 snowglobes: 20EGP

5 pieces of hand blown glass: 100EGP

5 neckalces: 30-40EGP each

The cafes in Old Cairo are a bit more expensive than in other areas due to the amount of tourists. It’s worth the experience though. It’s a bustling area full of vendors and musicians. You can experience local music just by sipping on a cup of tea. I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of jewelry. These necklaces are large and very decorative. In the US, necklaces like these run around $40. Needless to say, I stocked up! I've received nothing but compliments on my new body decorations. Whenever someone asks where I got it, I get to answer, "In Egypt."

On another note, the economy in Egypt has taken a hard hit recently. The dollar is now at 18EGP, which might sound good…but it isn’t. This has forced the cost of living to rise. Prices for basic items have reached soaring heights, making it difficult for Egyptians to live their normal lives. If you would like to read about Egypt’s economy, signup for my newsletter to know when it’s available!

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