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About Me

My name is Fish, and I love to go exploring.  I will keep the About Page as brief as possible.  Afterall, this blog is not about me.  It's about my experiences across the globe. ​ With that being said, there are only two things that you should know about me.  


I am an American.

I am a woman.


These details are important for multiple reasons.  Americans, in general, do not tend to travel outside the United States.  On the rare occasion they do, it's usually to Europe or a tropical island.  I chose to taste Egypt, which is not a very popular choice at the moment. Also, there is a stigma attached to traveling solo as a woman.  I completely ignored that.


My goal is to encourage people, especially women, to get off the beaten track.  Go explore the world.  Get out of your comfort zone. On this site, you will find travel tips, tricks, and articles about my personal experiences.  Follow me as I take you into a land of history and ancient magic.  Yalla!   


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